Proofreading is the last thing you do before submitting for publication. When you're confident in your plot and characters but want a final review before you publish or submit, proofreading is the perfect ending to your story.

Editing Included: Grammar and Spelling Errors

Free video meeting before committing. Give it a try! See below for more details.

Price: $0.01/2 words

Book Proofreading Meeting
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Editing (substantive or mechanical) always comes before proofreading. This is in-depth, like looking at character development, ironing out plot holes, the overall flow of the writing, etc.

Editing Included:

  • Notes and insights into how all the elements of your story are working together.
  • A Style Sheet specific to your writing style; if you turn your book into a series, you can keep the spelling/names/plot details consistent between all the books.
  • Focused attention on your specific concerns as I read.
  • Any grammar or spelling errors I come across.

Free video meeting before committing. Give it a try! See below for more details.

Price: $0.01/1 word

Book Editing Meeting
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Made It By Maren Editing and Proofreading Process 

Made It By Maren strives to make each author's experience tailored. Half of the writing battle is overcoming the fear of not being good enough as a writer. If you've gotten so far as to look up editors-- you're steps away from publishing. Congratulations!

Regardless of what edits you need, I will always set up a free video call before any work begins. This helps me understand your personality, how you think and write, and any concerns you have about the editing process.

I will edit five pages of your manuscript for free. This lets us decide if we are a good fit for each other. If it doesn't work out, we can part on good terms. All edits are done via Google Docs for easy access on both ends and so you can recover previous drafts.

If we decide to work together, I will charge you 1/2 of the price to begin the clock. Edits will be done in two weeks or less. The last 1/2 of the price will be charged when I return your manuscript.

Please contact [email protected] or send a message on the home page with any questions.

*I specialize in LDS or Christian plots, Closed-Door Romance plots, and Historical or Contemporary plots. But all manuscripts are welcome!*

*Payment plans available on request.*