You're Bound to Have a Novel Idea.

Show People What You're Made Of.

Go beyond "I wish I could write a book." Show off your finished book and proudly tell people "I made this!" with editing services near you from Made It By Maren. When you have an editor in your corner, you're bound to have a novel idea. Online book editing from Bountiful, Utah, USA.

Introducing Made It By Maren, a freelance book editor and proofreader based online in Bountiful, UT. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for changing lives through stories, Maren specializes in helping authors bring their stories to life through expert editing services, getting them past the "I Wish" phase and into the "I Made This" phase. Become the author you believe you are, whether you self-publish or traditionally publish. Proofreading and Developmental Edits are available for any manuscript length. 

*Maren accepts LDS or Christian plots, Closed-door Romances, and Fantasy or Sci-Fi genres.*

Recent work

Woman with eyes closed in front of Zodiac symbol.

Keepers of the Zodiac by Natalie Brianne

Serena Morelli had plans. Good ones. Finish the semester, become an astronaut, and watch another meteor shower. In no particular order.

Now she has a fallen star in her pocket, lightning at her fingertips, and a man named Pharos Everleigh on her doorstep.

Thrown headlong into an interstellar realm of mystery, magic, and tyranny, can Serena find her place in the Universe before she needs to save it?

On Kindle Unlimited today!

Read Keepers of the Zodiac

About Made It by Maren

Made It By Maren is a freelance book editing service conducted entirely online in Bountiful, Utah. 

Breaking into the publishing world is daunting, whether you go the traditional route or the self-publishing route. Maren helps new and indie authors bridge the gap between writing and publishing, a gap new authors often fall into because proofreading and editing are not as simple as having your mom read your book (sorry mom).

With a BS in Communication and a minor in English, Maren offers a perspective-shifting and uplifting editing process with a free onboarding meeting and a quick editing turnaround. She also offers a reader's perspective as an avid reader and former librarian, giving you a soundboard to bounce ideas off of.

If you are struggling to get your foot in the door of traditional publishing, or you are a new author whose dream of publishing is threatened by overwhelm, Maren is passionate about running (or walking) with you past the finish line of your creative endeavor.

I can't wait to see your book on my shelf!

Book Editing Meeting
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Not sure what kind of edits you need? Send me a message! I'll answer any questions about my process and help you find the right editor for your book. 

I usually answer within the hour, but forgive me if it takes two! I probably got distracted by a book...

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